viernes, 18 de julio de 2014

Automatically download subtitles from subdivx (Python Script)

Im a big fan of tv shows (the big bang theory, modern family, walking dead, etc). Since some time ago I automated the process of downloading the new episodes of my favorite shows using an bittorent client and an rss feed from a bittorent tracker, but as my primary language is spanish, I still had to manually download the subtitles. After seeing that the process of downloading subtitles from the site that I use was pretty much repetitive, I decided to make a python script to do it automatically for me. The site that I use for subtitle is, which is really great because you usually can find multiple versions of each subtitle (for different video files, from different authors, etc). Although the subtitles of this site are awesome, the big problem is that they dont have an API to get the subtitles from them, so in the script I had to scrape their site.

Basically the python script checks all the files in a configurable folder path, looking for video files that doesnt have a subtitle yet (an .srt file with the same name), and then scrapes searching for the subtitle, and if it finds it, it downloads it and renames it to match the video file name.

The usage is pretty straight forward, at the top you will find a couple of paths that you need to replace with your own, and there is also a variable called "default_subgroups" which specifies which are the subtitles authors that I like, in this case I selected 'argenteam', 'thesubfactory', 'substeam', because their subtitles always have excelent quality.

After you set up those variables, you just need to run it.

Here is the github link from where you can download the script: Link

This script has worked really good for me, I always download 720p mkv files, I didnt try it with other type of files, but it shouldnt be too complicated to adapt it. Hope it works fine for you too!

Important Note: There is a  file called "requirements.txt" that has all the required python modules. In order to install them you just need to run: pip install -r requirements.txt